Winter Wonderland Decoration Celebration

November 16, 2017



Help show your holiday spirit by being a part of the Park District’s Winter Wonderland Decoration Celebration!  The Park District will provide you and your business with a pre-cut 3 ft. Gingerbread man or 3 ft. wooden cut-out tree.  Decorate it to reflect your holiday spirit and then bring it back to the Park District to display as part of our Winter Wonderland Decoration celebration!  Don’t have time to decorate?  Consider sponsoring a Gingerbread man or tree and let the Park decorate for you!


Gingerbread men and trees will be available starting November 1st.  Displays will go up beginning December 1st.



5802-2-1-0 (DIY) $20

5802-2-2-0 (Sponsor a gingerbread man or tree) $50