The Park District of Forest Park is proud to offer a variety of programs for all ages.

August 2017- The Park District of Forest Park is exited to introduce its new registration software:  Max Galaxy by ACTIVE Network/Maximum Solutions.  This new product allows customers the convenience of registering for programs, maintain family account information and making payments on line and from the comfort of their homes.  We hope that, with this ability to access up-to-date program, facility and membership information as well as account history, Max Galaxy will better meet the needs of our customers.

Because the system will be entirely new, all household information must be updated and, for residents, proof of Forest Park residency will be required.  You will be asked to submit your driver’s license or state identification or other photo ID that identifies you along with two other current documents that show your Forest Park address (three if your photo ID does not show a Forest Park address).  Examples include voter card, auto registration, and/or recently dated utility bill, cell phone bill and credit card statement.  Parents may also be asked to provide proof of residency and/or family relationship for children.  Once residency has been established and family information has been entered into the new software you will be eligible to register and maintain family account information online.

Family accounts may be created online at All accounts created online will hold  non-resident status until residency is confirmed in the Administrative office.

If you created your account at the Administrative Office, please follow the steps below to log in to your account:

Go to:



Type in the email address you verified with the Administrative Office

You will be sent a link to reset your password. Follow the prompts and then hit SUBMIT.

Click LOGIN to access your account


You will now be able to enter all Family Account Information.

We hope this transition allows more flexibility and a more convenient experience during registration for our community.


PLEASE NOTE: Early registration is strongly recommended. Registration deadlines for programs and trips are one week prior to their start date unless otherwise noted in the program description in the brochure.

Classes, programs and trips have minimum requirements. Unfortunately, if the minimum is not met within a week of the start date, we must cancel the program, so…

Avoid disappointment— Please register early!!!

When maximum enrollment is met in a class, a waiting list will be started and an attempt will be made to create additional classes. The Park District reserves the right to cancel, postpone or combine classes. If insufficient enrollment causes a program to be cancelled, notification will be given and a full refund will be made.

Registration forms and waivers are required for all programs. Registration must be completed through the Administrative Office at 7501 Harrison Street. Instructors cannot accept registration.

Download the registration form here.



Three forms of proof of residency are required in order to receive resident rate. Driver’s License or State ID will be accepted. Utility bills, voters cards, lease, etc. will be accepted only along with a valid picture ID. Parents may be asked to provide proof of residency and family relation for child(ren) and, for some programs, proof of age will be required.

All registration is taken on a first come, first serve basis. No space will be held unless fees are paid. Persons are not considered registered in any program unless full payment is received in the Administrative Office.

The Park District accepts cash, check, Visa, MasterCard & Discover only for payment of fees.

Please note: the Park District does not pro-rate program, DayCamp or FunCamp fees.

Non-residents and residents who have proven residency within the past year may register by phone or fax with a credit card or by mail with check or credit card. (Visa and Mastercard are accepted.) If residency has not been established, walk-in registration with three forms of proof of residency is required in order to be eligible for the resident rate.

REFUND POLICY: Refunds for programs will be given as follow:

  • Full refunds will be given when the Park District cancels a program or if a change in class location, days or times causes participant to be unable to attend.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Any participant who is not satisfied with a program and requests refund after one class is taken, will receive a full refund. Refunds will be prorated on a per class charge after the second class has been attended.
  • Refunds for a participant’s cancellation prior to the start of a program will be issued at 100% unless the cancellation causes the program to fall below the minimum causing the class to be cancelled for other participants.
  • Refunds for medical reasons with doctor’s verification will be prorated with full refund for classes not taken.
  • Refunds for other reasons will be at 75%.

Refunds for trips/special events will be given as follow:

  • Full refunds will be given when the Park District cancels a trip or event or if a change in location, day or time causes participant to be unable to attend.
  • Full refunds for cancellation by participant will be given only if a replacement is found. Refunds will otherwise be at 75%.

Please note that certain fees/deposits are identified as non-refundable in our brochure, as are the following:

  • Pool Pass fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Softball league deposits are non-refundable.
  • Full refunds for pool rentals will be given ONLY if the Park District closes the Aquatic Center.
  • All facility rentals are non-refundable and non-transferable, except in cases where the Park District cancels the rental.

Requests for refunds must be submitted at the Administrative Office.

updated 9/11/2017