Park District of Forest Park Employment Opportunities:

The Park District of Forest Park is currently accepting applications for several positions that will be available beginning in May 2018.

Positions include: front desk staff, concession supervisors and workers, day camp counselors, maintenance, park rangers, program leaders, gym supervisors, tennis instructors, fitness instructors, lifeguards, locker room attendants, and birthday party hosts.  All applicants must be over the age of 16 years of age. Please bring reference names and phone numbers to be included with the application.

Job descriptions and applications are available in the Main Office. Lifeguard training and certification classes are conducted at the Park District for those needing certification, however registration in these classes does not guarantee certification and certification does not guarantee employment. All positions available are either part-time (20 hours or less a week) or seasonal. We do not have any full-time positions available at this time.

The Park District is always willing to explore new program possibilities. If you have a hobby or skill you would be willing to teach, please contact our Recreation Supervisor to discuss programming options.

Certified Aerobics instructors are needed to teach classes in different fitness areas. If you are trained and certified in teaching yoga, step, jazzercise, or any other type of fitness class and would be interested in doing so an evening or two each week, please Athletic Supervisor Andrew Doss at adoss@pdofp.org.

Applications can be picked up at the Administrative Offices at 7501 Harrison Street. For more information, please call 708-366-7500.

Volunteer Opportunities:
Volunteers are an integral part of the Park District of Forest Park. It is only with volunteer help that we are able to successfully hold events such as the 4th of July Celebration and the “No-Gloves Nationals” Softball Tournament each year. If you are interested in volunteering at one of our events, or would like to volunteer your time in another way, please contact Rachell Entler at 708-366-7500 x 17.