Youth Enrichment Programs


Discovery Kids Computer Classes

Calling all Puterbug Detectives! We need your help solving Discovery Kids Computer missions. As the technology revolution continues to unfold and the new wave of digital learning is swiftly becoming a reality, technology education is an important component of core curriculum. This program for early learners develops skills in keyboarding, creative problem solving, school readiness, Common Core Curriculum, STEM initiatives and Internet safety – while having loads of fun! New software every week, with access to online supplemental material for home use. Each child has their own computer to use during class. Don’t miss out on this valuable jump start for your child!


Min/Max:             3/20

Ages:                   3-5

Location:             Administrative Building

Day:                     Monday

Instructor:           SmartStarters Staff

Fees:                    R: $45/NR: $55


Code                      Dates                                                                 Time

2716-1-1-0            June 19- July 31                                          3:00pm-4:00pm


 Keyboarding and Koding Kid

​​The technology revolution continues to unfold and the wave of digital learning is a reality. Knowing how to use computers as tools (not just toys) is a key component of core curriculum. Young learners need to know keyboarding, functionality and coding to be ready to embrace their upcoming academic adventures. The expert staff of Smart Starters, Inc delivers instruction on the tools students need in a dynamic, fun and challenging environment – including knowledge of true keyboarding/function keys, safe Internet habits, document building, ​coding and PROGRAMMING ROBOTS​. Students are 1:1 on the provided netbook computers and robots​. P​rogress reports sent home with the students. You do not want to miss this valuable offering for your student’s learning experience​!

Min/Max:             3/20

Ages:                  1st-5th grade

Location:            Administrative Building

Day:                    Monday

Instructor:          SmartStarters Staff

Fees:                   R: $45/NR: $55


Code                      Dates                                                                 Time

2705-1-1-0            June 19- July 31                                          2:00pm-3:00pm

MAGIC CLASS! – Co-op with Oak Park Park District

Children are guaranteed to have a great time as they learn a collection of fascinating and mesmerizing tricks from the “Magic Team of Gary Kantor”!  Amaze family and friends with tricks that involve cards, ropes, coins, mind-reading, and more.  All materials are provided, and each child receives a magic kit to take home.  Children are grouped by age and always learn tricks that are age-appropriate.  Additionally, you can sign up for this class again and again since brand new tricks are always taught each time.

Min/Max:        1/20

Ages:              5-12

Location:       Park District of Oak Park- TBD

Day:                Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

Instructor:      The Magic Team of Gary Kantor

Fees:              $20

Code              Dates                                                                                                 Time

2202-1-1-0    (Thursday) May 18                                                                          6:45-7:40pm

2202-1-2-0    (Wednesday) July 19                                                                      6:45-7:40pm

2202-2-3-0    (Tuesday) August 15                                                                      5:00-5:55pm


Pizza Pizzazz with Ms. Sandy

Learn the basics of pizza making with Ms. Sandy. From dough to sauce to toppings, you will leave this class a pizza chef! All supplies will be provided in this hands-on, fun-filled class. Participants should bring a container to carry food home.

Min/Max:        4/7

Ages:              5-8

Location:       Administrative Building, 2nd floor kitchen

Day:                Monday

Instructor:      Sandy Byrnes

Fees:              R: $15/ NR: $20


Code                       Dates                                                               Time

2107-1-3-0             July 17                                                           10:30am-12:00pm


Ms. Sandy’s Summer Art Mini Camp

Is your child an aspiring artist?  Then come join Sandy and the Park District of Forest Park’s Summer Art Mini Camp. This 2 day camp will have your child exploring different art projects using various types of media.  No experience necessary. It is recommended that all participants wear old clothing.

Min/Max:        5/15

Ages:              6-8

Location:       Administrative Building, 2nd Flr

Day:                Tuesday & Wednesday

Instructor:      Sandy Byrnes

Fees:              R: $15/ NR: $25


Code              Dates                                                                         Time 

2104-1-2-0    July 25 and July 26                                          10:00-11:30 am

Junior Chefs in the Kitchen

Do you like cooking? Are you interested in learning the basics of food prep and cooking? Then this is the class for you! Learn what it takes to make a hearty meal in the kitchen. Topics include preparing your workspace, simple sanitation guidelines, and how to use the basic tools of the kitchen in addition learning what it takes to create a family friendly meal. All cooking utensils and ingredients will be provided. Each participant will go home with mini-meal for their family to enjoy!


Min/Max:        5/15

Ages:              9-14

Location:       Administrative Building, 2nd Flr Kitchen or Building 4?

Day:                Tuesday or Thursday

Instructor:      Park District Staff

Fees:              R: $20/ NR: $30


Code                    Dates                                                                         Time 

2117-1-1-0           June 13 (Tuesday)                                                  10:00am-11:45am

2117-1-2-0           June 27 (Tuesday)                                                  10:00am-11:45am

2117-1-3-0           July 6 (Thursday)                                                    6:30pm-8:15pm

2117-1-4-0           July 20 (Thursday)                                                  6:30pm-8:15pm                     


Our PAINT!! nights are step-by-step painting classes that are fun for the whole family!  Each participant has the opportunity to paint an easy-to-follow step-by-step painting lesson.  Includes a pizza dinner.  Our talented instructors can help you mix, blend, and paint your canvas into a masterpiece.  All supplies that you will need are included: paint, brushes, canvases, aprons, and pizza. Participants must be registered 3 days prior to class date.


Min/Max:        6/50

Ages:              7 and up

Location:       Administrative Building, 2nd Flr

Day:                Friday

Instructor:      Dan Kwarcinski

Fees:              R: $30/ NR: $35


Code                    Dates                                                                         Time 

2201-1-1-0          May 19                                                                       5:15pm-7:15pm

2201-1-2-0           June 23                                                                     5:15pm-7:15pm

2201-1-3-0          July 14                                                                       5:15pm-7:15pm


In Art Camp, students are encouraged to express themselves freely through their medium of choice.  There will be a plethora of art supplies on hand from drawing media to painting media, stencils, texture plates, and clay.  This art class provides freedom of choice for the students’ size and subject that they want to work with. The instructor, Mr. K, Dan Kwarcinski, is well-versed in almost all forms of fine-artistry and will provide ample examples and instruction lessons throughout the course. Participants must be registered 3 days prior to class date.


Min/Max:        4/22

Ages:              7 and up

Location:       Administrative Building, 2nd Flr

Day:                Friday

Instructor:      Dan Kwarcinski

Fees:              R: $45/ NR: $55

Code              Dates                                                                         Time

2214-1-1-0        June 16, 23, 30                                                        1:45pm – 3:15pm

2214-1-2-0       July 14, 21, 28                                                          1:45 pm- 3:15pm